Meditation for the fifth chakra

This meditation is for the 5th Chakra for Communication.
Speaking and Listening

We’ll be doing it until December 21st as part of our Meditation Challenge in The Kundalini Revolution. I’d love to hear how you find it. There may be a little tension in the neck at times if you can breath through it and and Allow it to be there it should ease away. I forgot to mention the eyes are 9/10th closed and focused on the tip of the nose

It can help to keep focused on the mantra.

Music from YouTube…

P.S. As a disclaimer can I just remind you lovelies that these meditations work. You may notice the truth comes out more freely or you hear the truth of a situation that was more comfortable to avoid before. If you need any help PM me or post in the Facebook group we are all here to support each other xx

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