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Kundalini Yoga Online

Members of the Kundalini Revolution will learn how to use Yoga to improve their health and increase their Vibrancy and Health. This place is ideal for you if you want to bring balance to your body and mind. 

The consistency of some gentle morning yoga from the comfort of your own home can make a big difference to how your day flows. Taking the time to find some quiet inside means the choices you make for the rest of the day are more in line with what you truly want as opposed to what you think you might need. The classes are suitable for all levels, no matter your size or ability you will be able to find something you enjoy. We vary the classes slightly each day and always give options for a pose. Basically I want to help you to enjoy using your body again and I find the best way to do that is to listen to it 1st.

Your membership is very affordable – less than one cup of coffee per week in Galway! For that you get to join me LIVE – 3 mornings per week for 30 minutes from 7am to 7.30. It’s short it’s simple and its effective. If you miss a class catch the replay in the FB group or in your members area. Looking forward to meeting you on the mat xxx

Once you subscribe you are consenting to a monthly payment of 9.95. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You need to fill your own cup first

Treating People with individual needs

When I first came to a yoga class I was recovering from a serious illness and sleeping intermittently nearly 20 hours per day. After that first class I had enough energy to take my brothers dogs for a walk on the beach and get home for a shower without needing a nap! I went about 4 hours without even getting tired – which was more than I had been able to do for 6 months prior!!! I couldn’t believe how energised I felt after just one class.

Life is busy. Most people want to be healthy, to eat well, to get out more, to feel fit and vibrant – but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Extra work demands and less time can leave us feeling frayed and emotional and ultimately our health and energy levels suffer.

A consistent Yoga practice can give you the head space you need to put things into perspective. You can prioritize the important things in life and give yourself more energy, feel more balance and self assured that you are on the right track