Kundalini Yoga

My mission is to help people gain back their health and vitality. To empower them to listen to their bodies. By developing an understanding of your body through simple and practical, Yoga and Meditation techniques you can find the answers within.

Suitable for all levels and you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Linda Martin

Every breath, posture and sequence we use in Kundalini Yoga is done for a specific therapeutic effect. My passion from my first KY class was to learn alternative ways to heal my digestion and now I’m ready to share what I know.

A healthy Gut means a healthy body and a healthy mind has a direct impact on our digestion. If you find yourself tired or lethargic it could be a simple imbalance in where you spend your energy

Meditation for a Calm Heart

This was the 1st meditation challenge we did in our closed Kundalini Revolution Facebook Group. Its so relaxing to do before bed or a great way to set you up for the day.

Combat Anxiety

I was always aware of the link between my Crohn's Disease and my emotions and thats why Kundalini Yoga has been so beneficial to me.

Meditation for Protection and Projection

This meditation gives you an enchanting, magnetic personality and many unexpected friends. The Mangala Charn Mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.

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The Perfect Space
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Linda creates a beautiful safe and trusting space.

Really Loved This
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40 day meditation for creation. I really enjoyed getting to know the mantra really well over time. I created an album during it so this was a great creative support. Huge thanks for this. I feel so grateful grateful to have had the group as a support so THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks so much for creating it, holding it and look forward to future ones

Creating space for myself
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I enjoyed the mediation it was never a chore to do it.. I think it went by quickly so I hope to continue it for 90 days. It felt like I was having no space for myself in my day.