Guru Dharam

I AM VICTORY-A kundalini experience with Guru Dharam

Feb 22nd and 23rd @ the Marino Institute Dublin

Join us for this rare opportunity to practice with Guru Dharam Singh in Ireland. Guru Dharam trained the 1st group of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Ireland and hasn’t been back in the country since 2009. He studied yoga under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan the master of kundalini yoga and has been teaching since 1980. He has been practising Oriental medicine since 1988 when he founded the Lotus Healing Centre, London. In 2007 he established an international yoga therapy school KundaliniMedicine and travels around the world sharing his healing gifts.

I am Victory aims to align you with your frequency of success.

I Am Victory:
Aligning with the Cycle of Success Part 1

The quality of success has a specific rhythmic pulsation. When this pattern is present in the electromagnetic field the person will be aligned to the actual frequency of success as they find themselves in balance and flow with the cycles of opportunity and good fortune.

Aligning with the Cycle of Success Part 2

This workshop will deeply imprint the sonic algorithm of the success cycle into your biosystem.

I Am Victory:
Clear your Fear and Live your Light

We are brought up to be fearful. Our parents, carers, neighbors and society are constantly saying, ‘Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Don’t do the other!’
Fear confronts us directly. We then try to create an appealing mental opposite to this to create happiness.
When we find a challenge in our minds or our emotional life or our everyday life we try and create its opposite pleasure or happiness to neutralize it.
This is because our brain uses a survival technique of not challenging fear directly.
So we create a happiness fantasy that is basically unreal to avoid facing the fear and killing it. This makes a layer of unreality we carry around in our psyche.
The Rishis understand these biological responses and the mind games they produce and they gave us yogic practice for our Light to Prevail.
Confront and conquer your fear in a safe sacred space of light to grow, heal and excel.

Attunement to your Spiritual Destiny

Kundalini Yoga itself is an accelerant towards achieving your soul mission and spiritual destiny. Among the treasure trove of kriyas that is at our bequest, there is a practice that is a direct attunement from where you are to who you are.
Connect to your Kundalini Crown to complete the weekend.
Investment: €200
For anyone travelling from abroad, you are welcome to avail of the international rate of €175

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