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Yoga For Digestion – Fire

Yoga for Digestion

This Six-week course for Digestion will look at the theme of the 3rd Tattva – Fire. Fire is the element needed for Transformation and its …

Kundalini Yoga Online

Kundalini Yoga is a style of Yoga that works on many different levels, it’s energetically balancing and works to bring you into a space of stillness. It’s kinda like a moving meditation, it helps us to find a space of meditation without the effort of meditating.

Kundalini Yoga

Anyone can attend a kundalini Yoga class! No matter what your age, weight, fitness or level of experience of yoga you will find something you can do in a Kundalini Yoga class.

An Seomra Yoga

Yoga for Digestion

Over these 6 weeks we will specifically practice Yoga to improve our digestion. We’ll practice Yoga Sets (Kriya’s) designed to help us be solid in …