An Seomra Yoga

Yoga for Digestion

Over these 6 weeks we will specifically practice Yoga to improve our digestion. We’ll practice Yoga Sets (Kriya’s) designed to help us be solid in our bodies and Ground us to live the best version of the life we have. We’ll look specifically at the Bhandas and how a little internal lock can zip up our energy and help us feel safe and secure and sit more comfortably in our own skin

  • 8.1.20 – 5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – Beginners Set
  • 15.1.20 –5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – for Digestion
  • 22.1.20 –5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – for Disease Resistance
  • 29.1.20 –5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – for Elevation
  • 5.2.20 –5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – Nabhi Kriya
  • 12.2.20 –5pm – An Seomra Yoga – Kriya – for a Healthy Bowel

This option is available for people to practice with me in person in a beautiful space for a 6 week course. Should you miss one week you have until Feb 19th to attend before module two starts on Feb 26th. You can pre-book module two Yoga for Digestion here