Uplift Your Life

Do you feel like there is more to life?  Are you struggling even though the people around you make life look easy? They can do it all but you never seem to do enough. And have you ever asked yourself why? If this is you then your HEALTH has most likely began to suffer.

Isn’t it time to nourish and recharge yourself for a change?

On one hand you love the pace and thrill of meeting a deadline, Enjoy the sense of achievement after a job well done. Enjoy helping because you care. But on the other hand your tired and can hit that wall like a ton of bricks.

You know there has to be something more to life.

Just 1 weekly class of Kundalini Yoga can give you the experience of Joy and Elevation that will stay with you as You Learn to align your own energy and bring balance to your life.

“Experience the divine within”

The truth is when you take care of yourself first you will have more to give in the long run. You deserve to feel well, Imagine what it would be like if you could be valued for the work that you do. To have the strength to say NO and to have the energy

Chair to Children's yoga Why not
Linda Martin – Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Therapist

Kundalini Yoga attracted me 1st because it was something I could do for myself. I was ill and I couldn’t afford to get a treatment every week. What I could do was practice Kundalini Yoga to keep my body and mind healthy and clear. My yoga class gave me the strength and vitality to focus my energy on the important things. 

Kundalini Yoga can help you to still your mind for long enough to hear your-SELF and embrace your truth. You will gain the strength to listen to your-SELF. And learn to act for what You truly need, your time will seem to free up because you wont be filling it unnecessarily. Your energy levels will rise from increased Prana and your Nervous System will be able to handle that scary life situations. You will have the strength to put yourself first and no one will mind because you will be happy with your decision.

Linda Martin – Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Therapist

The energetic techniques offered in a Kundalini Yoga class direct the Prana or the Life Force though the body removing any blocks along the way to ensure your energy is flowing freely. 

What to expect

This package is a combination of all of my favourite Kundalini Yoga Kriyas that will bring you to a place of stillness and without a doubt – Uplift your Life. After each class you can expect to feel Alive. Walk taller. Breath Deeper. Feel Stronger. Learn to know exactly what your body needs and have the Energy to give it. Sleep better and for one night a week(at least) forget about work.

Module 1 Welcome, Set Intention, Group Meditation, Stay Safe in your Practice, Breath and Create your Yoga Space.

Module 2 Elevate your Soul
This Kriya allows you to sense the extension of the self through the magnetic field and aura and allows the physical body to deeply relax (thats the description by YB) I say it does exactly what it says on the tin

Module 3 Relax and Release Fear
Works on Glands and organs to move stagnant energy in the liver, releases anger, stimulates Kidneys, builds stamina and courage, elevates depression and lethargy, builds vitality and stamina

Module 4 Energise and Purify 
Surya Kriya was named after the energy of the sun, Energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic, Aids in purification, holds weight down, aids digestion, clear mind, analytic and action oriented, can focus on many things

Module 5 Bring Balance Inside
Nabhi Kriya for Prana and Apana balances our Prana and Apana in our body, Good for general strength, digestion, abdominal toning, alleviating mild depression and developing a healthy flow of Prana to the hands

Module 6 Pituitary Gland Series
The Pituitary gland is one of the master glands of the body, A parent to the adrenals, our first responder to stress. This Series brings you very quickly into a place of stillness for deep meditation and relaxation

Module 7 Getting the Body out of Distress
Designed to release, Circulate and distribute energy, Very soothing result

Module 8 Where to go next– closing meditation, integration and gratitude

Investment Includes:

  • A combination of Live and Pre-recorded Yoga Classes (Kriyas) €20 x 8 = €160
  • Lifelong access to your very own private facebook group for support from fellow students including weekly access to me for the duration of the course €60
  • Eight impromptu Meditations depending on the needs of the group €8 x 8 = €64


  • One free Yoga class to increase your energy everyday with music offered specifically for the program by gifted musician Siri Akal Kaur €25
  • Six downloadable PDFs of each class plus notes €3 x 6 = €18
  • One personal private session with first Five people to sign up worth €97
  • Optional place to practice in person with me for one module €50
  • Lifelong access to all the course material to continue a home practice

Overall worth €474
It’s priceless!

Although I have almost 10 years experience teaching in yoga studios this is my 1st time to teach online. For that reason you can avail of this offer for…

 Introductory offer only €97

Doors Close on June 17th