Tune In

When we go through our Yoga Teacher Training we are taught that Kundalini Yoga comes from a sacred lineage of teachers. Its passed down from teacher to teacher and when we “Tune in” we’re connecting to that lineage and just carrying those teachings into the class. A Kundalini Yoga Teachers job is to step back and to allow the Kriya’s to do their Thaaang.

When I see it in writing now it probably sounds quiet lazy but its actually easier said than done. You need to have a pretty solid practice not to be attached to whats happening for the person sitting across from you; especially if their struggling through an exercise. 
If you are lucky enough to have finished a difficult exercise in a Kundalini Yoga Kriya you’ll understand. For whatever length of time you’re in it, your mind amplifies thoughts and emotions that are probably running in your subconscious mind and affecting you without you realising it, then once its over the sense of relief/achievement/excitement whatever way you want to describe it replaces those old limiting thought patterns and There you have it. Its like restarting your computer 😉   

Not that it always has to be tough! Last week we warmed up with a lovely relaxing Kriya, It had some cooling whistle breath and calming Mantra that can take you to that restart place in a much softer way. There’s thousands of Kriya’s to chose from but the one thing thats always the same in a class in the “Tune In” 

There’s lots of reasons to Tune In. Like I already said, in our training we’re taught that it’s to connect us to the teachings. That Kundalini Yoga is an energetic practice and the “Tune In” creates the link for the teachings to flow. But if your not into that kind of thing then theres plenty of other reasons. 

The “Tune In” is just a simple Mantra. Mantra is the best thing I’v found to regulate the breath. It always comes back to the breath. Our breath in Yoga is called Prana. Prana refers to the Life Force/Chi that flows in everything and we usually breath without having any experience of this Prana. Mantra is a denser version of Prana. We can feel it Vibrate as the sound leaves our body and we can hear it. The sound replaces the thought and frees up the Prana we waste in our mind through Mindless Chatter.

We’re creatures of habit. When we chant a mantra at the beginning of each class and then follow it up with a Kundalini Yoga Class we’re training our mind that its time to be quiet.

Then there’s the Glandular element. It was explained to me that above the palate of the mouth there is a small space called the nasal cavity. Sound travels through the nasal cavity vibrating the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands which has a soothing affect on the whole body. We were also taught about Meridian Lines but thats for another email 😉