Trust Your Gut

Most people who work with me know exactly what their bodies need but they just don’t have the energy to do it. A strong intuition won’t be easy to ignore though and those healthy choices will be much easier to follow when there isn’t any inner conflict.

The awareness you get in your body from practicing the deep meditations in Kundalini Yoga help you to understand how your body works. When you can understand your body then you don’t feel the need to be attached to it. Its so easy to fall into blame when we are tired or sick but with the higher perspective you get from Kundalini Yoga those emotion won’t have any control.

This course is for you if you;
Have low energy, IBS, a poor immune System, need an energy boost, question yourself, just know there has to be something more to life than the usual Hum Drum that is so exhausting.

Trust Your Gut will cover Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination throughout the workshops. We do all of these things not just from our food but the people we meet and the environments we find ourselves in. We are constantly processing (Taking in) information and the course is designed to strengthen our Systems to filter the stuff we don’t need.

Kundalini Yoga is very much about coming into alignment with what your body needs. Only you can get those answers. The meditations are based around deepening our understanding of ourselves and trusting our intuition

Module1 Sensitive to What? 

Here we will have a gentle introduction to how the body works and the importance of understanding the relationship between the systems of our body. We will slow down, soothe those systems with focused breath and meditation and get an overall experience of where we are right now. What is health? You have all of the answers you need to be healthy inside your yourself but the chatter of the mind plus modern marketing, make us doubt ourselves. This workshop is aimed at bringing balance back into the body. Slowing our mind and listening to ourselves as we are the only ones that have the answers. The physical set is designed to soothe balance the body.

Module2 Excrete to Energies –

Here we examine what are toxins? It’s a term that’s used loads but what is it? What I believe to be toxic for me is not necessarily going to be toxic for you and it can be very confusing to figure out. We’ll also examine the bodies ability to remove toxins. Breath, Sweat, Digestion and Dreams all naturally help us to let go of what we no longer need in the body but techniques like Yoga and Meditation can strengthen the bodies systems and improve it’s efficiency. When you are strong you only take what you need and can easily let go of the rest. This is true not only for the food we eat but can be great to help us deal with stressful situations. The physical set is designed to mix Prana and Apana at the Navel Point our power house.** EDIT cancelled

 Module3 Love Your Food

In this module we focus completely on diet. Science is continuing to release new studies about how coffee is both good and bad for us in equal measure. Thats not wrong. They keep getting different answers because they have so many factors to consider. Down to where the sun was in the sky when the bean was picked can have an impact on results and I doubt any study would be that specific. Not to belittle science in any way but in this case we will focus on developing our intuition in relation to food. The set is designed to strengthen the Aura/Magnetic Field. Then we’ll practice deepening our sensitivity in relation to certain foods and try to identify through our own perception what serves us best. Gut health

Module4 How do hormones affect my Gut? 

The joy of Kundalini Yoga is that you don’t need to access uncomfortable emotions to feel totally relieved of them. It is important to understand however that our hormones are directly related to how we feel. What we eat affects our hormones and our emotions affect how we choose to eat. Moving back to module 1 when we investigate what is health I’m guessing emotions are included in what health means to you. Our digestive system is controlled by our hormones and stress has a direct impact on hormonal balance. This set continues in the theme of the workshop in restoring balance but we will investigate ways of supporting and nurturing the endocrine system. Looking inward to find whats right for you.

Module5 Wheres my Intuition?

“Besides being excellent training for the mind, this kriya helps improve poor digestion and channelises over-abundant sexual energy. In a few minutes the mind can come under channelization. This is one of the beauties of Kundalini Yoga. Instead of dealing with thoughts only with other thoughts, it uses exercises that automatically bring the mind into a more agreeable state. This saves years of meditation time. The body is your finite identity. The mind is a bridge to the infinite identity which is even beyond the soul. But the mind alone has a difficult time since it lacks the clarity of identity given by the body. When you manipulate the body identity by exercises, then a clear message of guidance is given to the mind. It is not the mind that runs the body. It is actually You. The mind is another part of you. Using these two to communicate with and integrate your many parts is the science of Kundalini Yoga