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Attend a class any time from a catalogue of recorded classes. If you can’t attend the live version you can still get the benefits of the class in your own time. A back-Log of classes is great, as each class is designed for a specific effect. So if you want to immerse yourself in something like, for example hormone health, you can follow that recording for as long as you like and still get any guidance you might need through your private Facebook group.

Our community of Yogi’s meet live each week (taught by Linda) with the occasional guest teacher. If you can’t make it live you can still get all your questions answered and catch up on the replay at any time. You will have unlimited access to your member library to take a class whenever you like.

Times of classes are staggered to meet the needs of our members. Each month we alternate days and times between 6.30am/10.30am/8.30pm

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We’re a vibrant online, growing Community of people who love Kundalini Yoga and the still space that it helps to cultivate within

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When I first came to a yoga class I was recovering from a serious illness and sleeping intermittently nearly 20 hours per day. After that first class I had enough energy to take my brothers dogs for a walk on the beach and get home for a shower without needing a nap! I went about 4 hours without even getting tired – which was more than I had been able to do for 6 months prior!!! I couldn’t believe how energised I felt after just one classParagraph

I’m pretty sure the energy I get from my yoga practice is due to the fact that all my stresses seem to disappear during a Kundalini Yoga Kriya. For me, a class is like pressing the reset button on your computer. Whatever was eating away at me before a class is either forgotten or resolved by the end and my students say the same.

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You need to fill your own cup first

Life is busy. Most people want to be healthy, to eat well, to get out more, to feel fit and vibrant – but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Extra work demands and less time can leave us feeling frayed and emotional and ultimately our health and energy levels suffer.

A consistent Yoga practice can give you the head space you need to put things into perspective. You can prioritize the important things in life and give yourself more energy, feel more balance and self assured that you are on the right track

Choose from a variety of Yoga classes both Live and Pre Recorded.


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Linda’s morning yoga shapes and structures my days as well as my body & mind. It is always different and I always seem to find something new in myself. 🙏 


“I spent a number of weeks doing a gentle morning yoga on-line with Linda. It was a wonderful way ‘to wake up’ at 7 am, and really set me up for the rest of the day! Linda’s gifted approach to yoga and meditation is suitable for all levels. Linda was also instrumental in bringing the famous Kundalini Yoga master, Guru Dharam, to Ireland in February 2020 for what was a revelatory 2-day workshop I thoroughly enjoyed.” 

Aidan, Dublin 

“I enjoy Kundalini Yoga with Linda.  I find it helps me be more effective getting my work done.” 


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