I’m ready

Step 1 Set the Space
Find a space in your house that you can use during the meditation challenge. Move furniture if you need to, Walk around and pick a nice spot that will entice you to spend some time there. Near a window with a wall to your back is my favorite spot (so I can daydream out the window and use the wall for support when I’m feeling lazy) but whatever you have, ideally not in a doorway or within earshot of people sleeping.
Make it comfy and attractive for you , Use cushions and candles, crystals, a plant, your favorite art piece or a picture. Anything that will add to whats technically just a corner of a room right now. (not for long though)

Step 2 Mindset
This will be the decider if you manage to stick with it a practice. There is a reason you want to do this, so quickly write it down. Write down what your finding difficult right now, This step is for the 2 week mark when your feeling great. I often forget what drove me to the mat and my practice dwindles, its much harder to start again but hopefully there will be enough people in this group to motivate each other. If you take care of step 1 it will make it a little easier to get on your mat.

Step 3 Blankets and Blocks
You don’t need to wait to get all the gear to practice, a book can make a nice block to lean on cushions are great to help dodgy knees and a rug or blanket folded in half works perfect as a mat. Choose the best blanket you have and keep it in your space as an extra incentive. If you like your yoga space your more inclininclineded to sit there.

Step 4 Share!
Finally as an added motivation post in your closed Facebook Group it will help you commit and lift the entire group. This challenge is about supporting each other to develop a meditative mind so please share share and share again. We can all benefit from a bit of peace and quiet. #pimpmyyogaspace

I can’t wait to see what you create!!!
Linda x

Shortly you will receive a video for you to follow for the duration of the Challenge x

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