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40 day meditation for creation. I really enjoyed getting to know the mantra really well over time. I created an album during it so this …

Meditation for the fifth chakra

This meditation is for the 5th Chakra for Communication.Speaking and Listening We’ll be doing it until December 21st as part of our Meditation Challenge in …


Interactive Yoga Online

Ask questions before or after each set to get on the spot feedback from your teacher to help you with your practice



If you attend the weekly class and participate in the daily meditations you can be guaranteed to see improvements in your body mind and overall sense of wellbeing


Deepen Your Awareness

Gain a deeper awareness of yourself with access to supportive teachers to help guide you through your practice


Live teachers

Get live assess to group yoga classes and online meditation journeys

About The Kundalini Revolution

Hi I’m Linda, I’m the 1st of (hopefully) Many teachers in The Kundalini Revolution. I teach Kundalini Yoga in Galway, Ireland and Online. I love how Kundalini Yoga makes me feel, Just a short breathing exercise or simple movement is like pressing the reset button for me, so when I get to do a full Kundalini Yoga class nothing is an effort for me! I want everyone to feel that Ease and Joy in their life.