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Yoga For Digestion – Fire

Yoga for Digestion

This Six-week course for Digestion will look at the theme of the 3rd Tattva – Fire.

Fire is the element needed for Transformation and its one we balance in all Kundalini Yoga classes.

Physically to digest our food we need to be able to transform food into energy and how we choose to use that energy takes the fire element to get us into action. All of the tattvas need to be in balance but without the fire element our digestion can lag behind and leave us stagnant or stuck in more ways than one

The Kriyas we’ll practice though this course are;

  • Get the body Moving
  • Aerobic Har
  • Prosperity and green energy series
  • Transforming the Lower Triangle
  • Wah Hey Guru Kriya
  • Back Platform Pose

Yoga For Digestion – Flow

Yoga for Digestion

This Five-week course is based around the 2nd Tatva Water and the word is Flow.

Who wouldn’t want more flow in their life and what better way to get it, than opening up the body to allow our juices to flow. We’ll practice specific sets for the endocrine system which has a direct link to the Gut.

New studies show that our microbiome create 90% of our serotonin in the Gut and there are newer studies coming out every day.

I always knew that how I felt had an impact on how my digestion worked. It’s great that through Yoga we can impact how we feel by practising sets designed to improve glandular balance.

These are the sets you can look forward to but don’t worry we’ll do them with a gentle flow

  • Pituitary Gland Series
  • Raise the Kundalini in quick order
  • Heart Centre and magnetic field
  • Sat Nam Kriya workout
  • Getting the Body out of distress

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Its kinda hard to describe Kundalini Yoga to anyone who hasn’t tried it before but for me it feels a little bit like magic!!!

It’s weird in ways and it’s easy sometimes and sometimes it’s hard but the only important thing is it works. It’s like magic for helping you to reset your entire system -body mind and spirit.

Our natural state is perfection but life can get confusing and busy and make us forget how perfect we actually are so a good Kundalini Class can help you to reset back to your natural perfection and make life flow a little easier from that space.

I’m offering limited introductory classes in An Seomra Yoga on Wednesday Evenings at 5pm where you will be gently introduced to the elements of Kundalini Yoga and guided to a space of stillness. Although we will be moving its very much like a meditation through movement which makes it easier to relax and help the mind to slow.

Hope to see you there. Mats blocks and blankets provided

Available dates below and booking is essential x

  • 19th Feb
  • 8th April
  • 27th May
  • 15th July
  • 9th Sep
  • 28th Oct

Kundalini Yoga Online

Kundalini Yoga is a style of Yoga that works on many different levels, it’s energetically balancing and works to bring you into a space of stillness. It’s kinda like a moving meditation, it helps us to find a space of meditation without the effort of meditating.

I want to bring Kundalini Yoga to more people

How it works

Once you pay for the course by following Subscribe link you will be directed to a page with a few Qs regarding your health and fitness. Click submit and go back to your email account to find the link for your class. Click the link to check its working and your all set to go.

Ship out the kids or turn off your notifications, then follow the link to join the class, relax and enjoy.


40 day meditation for creation. I really enjoyed getting to know the mantra really well over time. I created an album during it so this was a great creative support. Huge thanks for this. I feel so grateful grateful to have had the group as a support so THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks so much for creating it, holding it and look forward to future ones

Why Me

Kundalini Yoga is the main thing I put my good health down to and I love that I get to share it. My favourite part of a class is when I see the stress fall away from my students and their faces light up to look fresh and carefree.

My journey to yoga started back in 2008 after I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease called Crohn’s. I knew I needed more than medicine so I started to search for my answers. Everything I read at the time pointed to E-motion as energy and I learned that being in the present / being aware could help regulate emotions and improve my health. Thats easier said than done so when I found the physical practice that showed me how to use movement and breath to bring my awareness into the present moment I was sold.

I love that anyone can do a kundalini Yoga class. You don’t need to be a certain size, age, shape, gender or have any level of fitness really to get the benefits from a Kundalini Yoga class. Its all done with your eyes closed which removes the competitive element and helps you to experience the joy of movement in your own body. My students are always surprised at how much they achieve at the end of a class

If you want to subscribe now as a beta group, which will include regular meditation journeys and a healthy timetable of weekly Yoga practices live. Plus replays, then you can jump in this week for 9.95/month euro for the remainder of this year. My plan is to launch next week with a price of 30.00 per month

40 Day Journey

40 day meditation Journey

To create more time in your life

Are you someone who feels there isn’t enough time in the day. Maybe you sacrifice your diet or exercise for an extra few minutes in bed because your so tired?

As little as 3 minutes a day in meditation can help you manage your time better and may even help you appreciate the chaos we all find sometimes.

When you take care of yourself 1st you have more time to give in the long run

The meditation practice in Kundalini Yoga, like others, aims to bring you closer to yourself. Connecting to your centre through balance and awareness. Whats unique about our 40 day journey is the repetition. We’ll commit to sit in the same meditation for a minimum of 3 minutes daily for 40 days. This doesn’t just bring us closer to ourselves for a short time but lets us integrate this deep awareness into our everyday life.

When you consider how many minutes a day goes to waste surely you can give yourself this gift for just 10 euro. You can also Join the Kundalini Revolution for the entire year for just 60 euro. This includes 8 meditation practices and a vibrant supportive community aiming to take small steps to a healthier, happy home.


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I AM VICTORY-A kundalini experience with Guru Dharam

Guru Dharam

Feb 22nd and 23rd @ the Marino Institute Dublin

Join us for this rare opportunity to practice with Guru Dharam Singh in Ireland. Guru Dharam trained the 1st group of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Ireland and hasn’t been back in the country since 2009. He studied yoga under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan the master of kundalini yoga and has been teaching since 1980. He has been practising Oriental medicine since 1988 when he founded the Lotus Healing Centre, London. In 2007 he established an international yoga therapy school KundaliniMedicine and travels around the world sharing his healing gifts.

I am Victory aims to align you with your frequency of success.

I Am Victory:
Aligning with the Cycle of Success Part 1

The quality of success has a specific rhythmic pulsation. When this pattern is present in the electromagnetic field the person will be aligned to the actual frequency of success as they find themselves in balance and flow with the cycles of opportunity and good fortune.

Aligning with the Cycle of Success Part 2

This workshop will deeply imprint the sonic algorithm of the success cycle into your biosystem.

I Am Victory:
Clear your Fear and Live your Light

We are brought up to be fearful. Our parents, carers, neighbors and society are constantly saying, ‘Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Don’t do the other!’
Fear confronts us directly. We then try to create an appealing mental opposite to this to create happiness.
When we find a challenge in our minds or our emotional life or our everyday life we try and create its opposite pleasure or happiness to neutralize it.
This is because our brain uses a survival technique of not challenging fear directly.
So we create a happiness fantasy that is basically unreal to avoid facing the fear and killing it. This makes a layer of unreality we carry around in our psyche.
The Rishis understand these biological responses and the mind games they produce and they gave us yogic practice for our Light to Prevail.
Confront and conquer your fear in a safe sacred space of light to grow, heal and excel.

Attunement to your Spiritual Destiny

Kundalini Yoga itself is an accelerant towards achieving your soul mission and spiritual destiny. Among the treasure trove of kriyas that is at our bequest, there is a practice that is a direct attunement from where you are to who you are.
Connect to your Kundalini Crown to complete the weekend.
Investment: €200
For anyone travelling from abroad, you are welcome to avail of the international rate of €175

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