About The Kundalini Revolution

Hi I’m Linda

I’m the 1st of (hopefully) Many teachers in The Kundalini Revolution.

I teach Kundalini Yoga in Galway, Ireland and Online. I love how Kundalini Yoga makes me feel, Just a short breathing exercise or simple movement is like pressing the reset button for me, so when I get to do a full Kundalini Yoga class nothing is an effort for me! I want everyone to feel that Ease and Joy in their life.

Life should be easy. We don’t need to struggle but sometimes the simplest of tasks can be an effort. Either because we put pressure on ourselves to do them “perfectly” or because we genuinely don’t have the energy to complete them.

The fatigue I felt from Crohn’s Disease helped me to appreciate all the little things in life and let go of everything that wasn’t top priority. I’d like everyone to get an experience of that. It usually comes in a Kundalini Yoga class, just for a short while everything falls away except the moment and the breath.

After moving to Dublin I struggled to get to a physical class so I turned to Yoga Online. I was surprised to find the benefits of an online class were just as powerful as attending a class in person so I decided to start the Kundalini Revolution.

The Kundalini Revolution is a site designed to bring Kundalini Yoga to anyone who might have an interest in improving their health and vitality. Eventually I’d like thekundalinirevolution.com be a place for other teachers of Kundalini Yoga to share their yoga practice with their students but for now its just me and my story

Where it all began