40 Day Journey

40 day meditation Journey

To create more time in your life

Are you someone who feels there isn’t enough time in the day. Maybe you sacrifice your diet or exercise for an extra few minutes in bed because your so tired?

As little as 3 minutes a day in meditation can help you manage your time better and may even help you appreciate the chaos we all find sometimes.

When you take care of yourself 1st you have more time to give in the long run

The meditation practice in Kundalini Yoga, like others, aims to bring you closer to yourself. Connecting to your centre through balance and awareness. Whats unique about our 40 day journey is the repetition. We’ll commit to sit in the same meditation for a minimum of 3 minutes daily for 40 days. This doesn’t just bring us closer to ourselves for a short time but lets us integrate this deep awareness into our everyday life.

When you consider how many minutes a day goes to waste surely you can give yourself this gift for just 10 euro. You can also Join the Kundalini Revolution for the entire year for just 60 euro. This includes 8 meditation practices and a vibrant supportive community aiming to take small steps to a healthier, happy home.

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