About The Kundalini Revolution

Hi I’m Linda, I’m the 1st of (hopefully) Many teachers in The Kundalini Revolution. I teach Kundalini Yoga in Galway, Ireland and Online. I love how Kundalini Yoga makes me feel, Just a short breathing exercise or simple movement is like pressing the reset button for me, so when I get to do a full Kundalini Yoga class nothing is an effort for me! I want everyone to feel that Ease and Joy in their life.

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What we offer

Live teachers

Get access to the live recording of each class before its edited and uploaded to the video library

Interactive Yoga Online

Ask questions before or after each set to get on the spot feedback from your teacher to help you with your practice

Yoga Library
Video Library

Access to a backlog of all classes delivered on The Kundalini Revolution

Yoga Challenges

Join our regular meditation challenges to help develop a home practice

Deepen Your Awareness

Gain a deeper awareness of yourself with access to supportive teachers to help guide you through your practice


If you attend the weekly class and participate in the daily meditations you can be guaranteed to see improvements in your body mind and overall sense of wellbeing

Next Monthly Sadhana August 25th

Our Members can enjoy a regular Sadhana Led by guest teachers each month